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Aluminium Louvre System

Jindal Louvre Systems have various design options with wide range of choices, louver blade profiles, relevant other profiles for outer frames and louver bladeholding channels.

Different systems are available based on the criteria of ventilation and overlaps of louver blade flanges as per end use. Single panel or multi-panels can be designed as per facade consultant's specification. The cleaning of louvers on both sides is made uncomplicated, Fa├žade integration with other glazings like curtain walls is also possible for convenience.

Our elliptic horizontal louvre units are of the deluxe type in the family of louvre profile alternatives. These are aesthetically preferred for integration in facade elements of the building elevations. Elliptic louvres of different dimensions are available for end use. Vertical louvers, also known as sun breakers are made sophisticated in nature making it perfect for being used in wide openings in building elevations. The angle of inclination and overlap between two consecuti\(e vertical louvre blades are decided based on various utility factors.

The rigorous quality tests done at Jindal extrusion plant for mechanical and chemical properties of alloy and excellent surface finish, make the products outstanding and durable.


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