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Aluminium Curtain Wall Glazing System

Jindal Curtain Wall Glazing System provides an option for a changeability of different sizeprofiles and fittings with high weather and wind resistance. The reduced number of profiles and other elements with tested properties make the system preferred by many fabricators, direct users and developers. The mating units like top hung ventilators OGU or SGU incorporation fit in harmoniously.

Flexible design option with multiple choice of mullion Er transom and the decorative capping visible in elevation can be in various depths, both vertically Er horizontally, as per architect's intent. Single or double glazing can be used with various combinations of mullions and transoms from vide range of Jindal curtain wall system. Glass area to frame ratio is high that results in maximum clear view.

The curtain glazing systems are of different types based on end use and design criteria. In one system the glass panels are held mechanically with pressure plate, snap on cover and EPDM gaskets. In other the system, known as unitized / semi-unitized structural glazing system, the glass panels are held with double sided spacers to locate the glass panels in position. Structural sealants and weather sealants are used for adherence of the glass to the frame members as per technical requirement. The rigorous quality tests done for mechanical properties of alloy and excellent surfacefinish, etc. makes the product outstanding and durable.

With the facility of 4000 Ton capacity press Er container CCD of 320mm, Jindal as the leader produces intricate profiles of large sizes mostly used for complicated structural glazings and curtain walls of high rise buildings. The maximum width of the profile extruded is even up to L125mm.


  • Ruggedly constructed
  • Rust resistant
  • Accurate fittings


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